Thursday, February 28, 2008


Finally! Grading is over, and our short quarter break is about to begin. I will be attending to the backlog of science articles and press releases during this time, and will thus be posting in earnest shortly.

Oh, and if you are in school, or have a child who is, thank your teacher for all the work they put in. Making syllabi, tests, quizzes, assignments and grading them, plus finishing administrative paperwork, as well as advising students and, finally, attending committees and meetings, makes for long, and too often thankless, days! OK, so maybe I am feeling a big melodramatic, but I feel I earned it today!

OK, diversion/digression is over. Next post will be on an Alien Realities' topic.

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UltraMegan said...

I have a few teachers who really made a lasting impact on my life, who really really I miss and admire. I'm always terrified to contact them, though - in fear that they won't remember me. I know I'd feel absolutely silly at that point.

But hey, thanks for BEING a teacher!