Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Telepathic" DNA

Sensing Nucleotides

As reported today at Daily Galaxy, scientists reported in the ACS’ Journal of Physical Chemistry B that DNA seems to have almost "telepathic" abilities to recognize other DNA strands that are similar to it - even when there is no physical contact and no proteins to act as messengers. Similar DNA strands seem to recognize each other and gather together. There is no known chemical explanation for it. DNA strands need to recognize similar strands as part of the replication and repair processes.

Universal Biology

The reason I find this of great interest is that it adds further support that life is a natural result of the physical (and thus chemical) laws of the universe. Amino acids, which DNA are composed of, are very common in the universe - from meteors to gas clouds. If they have some innate ability to gather together, this, I feel, helps increase the chances of life arising on more than just this planet. It makes the arising of life on Earth billions of years ago, and the evolution of that life, a little less dependent upon mere luck.


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