Thursday, September 11, 2008

Extrasolar planets simulation site

Stumbled across a most excellent (yes, I watched Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure) site for those not only interested in the search for extrasolar planets, but would like to help out, even as an amateur: Systemic: characterizing extrasolar planetary systems at <>. From the "What is Systmeic?" section of their Website:

The near-term goal of the systemic research collaboration is to improve our statistical understanding of the galactic planetary census. This will be accomplished through a large-scale simulation in which the public is invited to participate. No prior experience or expertise with Astronomy is required. All you need is an Internet connection and a desire to learn and explore.
Check it out!


Laughlin, Gregg. "What is Systemic?" Systemic: characterizing extrasolar planetary systems. Wordpress. 2 Jan. 2006 Web. 11 Sept. 2008. <>

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