Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Blog In Space I: Introduction

There is a blog, "Blog In Space" (by PayPerPost.com), which will beam your blog into space because, according to their unsupported (at least as far as I know!) claim, "Aliens Love Blogs Too!"

If aliens did get your blog, they would have to know how to figure how to translate correctly the electronic signal so that they can see and hear your text, images, sound files, and/or video in the proper format (do aliens have the same HTML, CSS, and image standards?). Then they would need to understand your language (including the nuances only known by understanding the cultural context of the language).

But maybe they don't need to understand anything beyond the fact that some fool sentient species is purposely broadcasting their presence into outer space. Someone - or something - may indeed hear you. But it may not a welcomed guest...

More tomorrow.

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