Saturday, October 17, 2009

Earth Speaks? - SETI Research Project Wants Your Input!

Earth Speaks is a SETI Institute research project where they pose the two part question:
“If we discover intelligent life beyond Earth, should we reply, and if so, what should we say?”
As I have addressed in many previous blog posts on alien contact, this is an important question.

The Earth Speaks project would like your response to that question. Should we reply? Why or why not?  If we should reply, what do you think we should say? How do you think should we present ourselves? How do we address the issues of the differences between our and the alien's philosophies, theologies, and customs as well as language idioms and means of communicating? 

Join Earth Speaks (it's free) and add your response to that enduring question.

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Image credit: 1. Lynette Cook.

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Anonymous said...

My words would be, if you come in peace Welcome, if you came this world with bad intentions, then you are not welcome here. On this planet we can accept friends or destroy them, mind you, are race is a very hostile towards bad intentions with nuclear weapons we will fight you for our freedom and if all else fails against you we will eliminate the entire planet with our own nuclear weapons, rather than surrender our world to you without a war. Full trust with our race is earned not given freely to anyone. To gain true trust from our race on this planet you must not trust in our leaders only in the multitude of the people who are willing to accept you into our grace as a world of United Nations in full agreement with the decision for your technology and citizen ship approval by the betterment for both your race and ours to have the same rights for freedom and life on this world without presenting a danger to the people or the Planet itself.