Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Alien Technology - 5. Outside Influence - Part II

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OK, actually this next post is a bit pessimistic. Another possible result of outside influence may be one alien race being in awe of another alien race and wanting to be like them, supplanting their own technology with that of the other race. We see some of that here on Earth - fads from time to time where we look to one country for the best in fashion, or watches, or electronics, or music, and so forth.

If this happened with one alien race vying to be like a second one, then the first would work to adapt their technology to match, or work with, the technology of the second; keep in mind, the Earth analogy involving beings from the same race, but different cultures, while with aliens there would most likely be not only different cultures, but different physiologies, and different environments. For instance, a race on a planet with strong gravity, and a much stronger magnetic field, would most probably have to make adaptations to technology from a planet with weaker gravity and a much weaker magnetic field in order for the technology to work.

Thus, if an import/export trade relationship developed between the two planets or star systems, each would have to make adjustments to their technologies, especially those technologies involved in communication, travel, and trade between the two races. But even other, not directly involved, technologies would be influenced from the likely ripple effect from the contact and trade.

But not only that, another alien race could bring in ideas never yet thought of. They could introduce each other to new concepts, new science discoveries, new data sets, new art forms, and so forth. They would bring in fresh set of eyes (or "eyes"), a fresh way of looking at things - all of which will alter and affect the development of an alien race, from their culture to their technologies.


Anonymous said...

Why is "new eyes" pessimistic? If the false dicothomies they destroy actually is false, then the alien ideas are just good for open mindedness. But I agree that some technologies may not be good in the wrong environments.

Mr. David Michael Merchant said...

I said a bit pessimistic :-); mainly because sometimes new ideas can be difficult to accept, especially if they challenge very long held ideas, beliefs, morals. Thus, a bit of pessimism in the thought. The truth shall set you free, as it is said; thus, new ideas can be a good thing as well.