Monday, November 12, 2007

Sentient Life

OK, I've rambled on long enough about possibilities of life in the universe (extrasolar life). Let's get on with speculating on extraterrestrial life, especially extraterrestrial sentient life. Is there a "sonnet" for sentient life? Why does sentience arise? Is it a part of the universe, another force, like gravity or radiation? If like gravity, it's a force that is part of the space-time continuum. If like radiation, then it arises "only" under certain circumstances - other forces, elements must come together to produce it. Either way, there may very well be a range of rules or laws for sentience. But it may be a rather large range.

For instance, is humor necessary for sentience? That is a topic I would like to discuss in the next post, and revisit from time to time. But now, it is way past my bedtime!

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Anonymous said...

Research have shown that chimpanzees who fail to perform a practical task do not bother exploring (excuse my bad english) why it failed. That may also explain their communicative limitations, asking no why-questions rules reasonable discussion and education out. Early humans must have evolved explanative thought to study climate when it changed. Thus becoming sentient may save slow-breeding species from the brink of extinction during drastic climate change.